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Heart failure and transplant cardiology program at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital is to be the best comprehensive

multidisciplinary program for heart failure, mechanical circulatory support, and heart transplant care.


To provide the best care, education, and research in heart failure, mechanical circulatory support, and heart transplant


  • To improve quality of standard of care:
    • Reduce HF hospitalization
    • Improve patients quality of life
    • Enhance patient self care
    • One stop for multidisciplinary care
  • Disease focus
  • Facilitate patient access
  • Triage patients to what patients need/center protocol
  • Integrate clinical data, research, quality
  • Education, research, quality measures


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    Multidisciplinary Care Team

    • Heart failure and transplant cardiologists
    • Heart failure /LVAD nurse specialists
    • Heart transplant coordinators
    • Pharmacists
    • Pharm D residents
    • Dietician
    • Six-minute walk test specialist
    • Social workers
    • Psychiatry
    • Secretary
    • Collaborative with cardiac rehabilitation,
    • cardiac surgery, and cardiology

    Heart failure and transplant cardiology fellowship program

    For more information: click here. Application form: click here


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